Although monopolies still exist to a degree the blame game continues wide popularity amongst gun “control” freaks.

They are always blaming Congress for every shooting that ever occurs, though they barely mention the ones that occur in the bad parts of town OF WHICH THEY DON’T LIVE IN.

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They did this too with AIDS. Placed the blame on a harmless RETRO VIRUS.

Retro viruses are like retro celebrities. Take for example Elvis, he is a retro celebrity and those who look and act like him cannot possibly do the same thing he did by any stretch.

Saying that a retro virus can cause such bodily harm, the diseases that are listed under the acronym “AIDS” is like saying that a retro Elvis can cause wild popularity to the decree that the real original Elvis did.

This is exactly what they keep doing in the perpetual LIE called HIV.

It’s harmless.

Getting tested is not necessary.

Getting tested causes more harm as you then subject yourself to all sorts of laws that can put you in a position of liability for something that is imaginary.

Getting tested can lead you into a realm of dangerous harmful recreational and prescribed drugs.

The drugs that those who claimed they knew better that were prescribed to my friends in the 1980’s killed them dead. They blame the virus, not themselves, not those who told them to attack HIV, they played and continue to play the blame game.

My friends were the losers of that game.