I’m so tired of all this whining everywhere. Certain people are in their mode of “protecting the children” which makes them money or brings them a feeling of being such a good person or both. Oh the children. It’s all very nice BUT so fake.

I say FAKE FAKE FAKE because it’s really all about them, not the kids and certainly not about priorities. You see they do shit for kids who have their penises hacked while crying boo hoo for those who come into America illegally and are not old enough “to consent”.

Immigrants’ advocates slammed the move, calling it an alleyway to government surveillance of the migrant families “for the rest of their lives,” and adding that it was impossible for young children held alone in HHS care to consent to such tests.

They don’t tackle that because it’s not as feely goody. Think about it. That topic is messy. Too much work. Something we don’t really want to discuss. It was like this when the AIDS/MESS started, didn’t want to talk about sex using butt holes.

Some people act like those. Shit flows through them.