If some bitch did this to me I would sue to make an example out of her, create a $mentoo movement, call for all women to be thrown in jail if they even thought of kissing me.

That would make life great.

Lookey Loo

And if you believe that I have an island to put you on. It does highlight the rea$on$ that the hysterians claim sexual harassment 7,000 years after it happened and expect to be paid for their “lifetime of suffering”.


Here’s one of these liberal retards that now are being told to get in people’s faces. She had issue with a guy minding his own business (a concept that went out the window when internet socialism was born out of Millennial’s asses who was wearing a cap with MAGA on it. This is political ASSAULT. She asks “what the fuck is wrong with people”. ROFL, yea hon ask yourself that, look in the mirror. She is being charged with a hate crime.

Example of a hate crime: