I came up with a new word to describe liberal retards. In realizing that not only one party is retarded although mostly currently it’s the liberals who are, the term MYOPIANS is better.

They are myopic. They can’t see well. They look only at certain things. For example the liberal retard Brigid Delaney made a $100 bet with her gym owner on the election. She thought Hillary would win. He thought Donald would win. She stopped going to the gym after that in protest. How stupid. Now she says she can’t open jars.

She references in justification, “he’d grabbed women by the pussy and mocked a reporter’s disability”.

How stupid, no, myopic.

He did this to one woman, he’s a brash man like many men. It’s a quality that a lot of women like and are seriously attracted to. He mocked one reporter because the guy was a total jerk.

To stop going to the gym because you lost a bet is also being a bad loser. Note the term loser.