On that first Fourth of July in 1776, 56 men convened in a hot stuffy room in Philadelphia to deliberate on and sign the Declaration of Independence.

They did not:

  1. whine constantly that there was no air conditioning
  2. try to forge a document that would allow ENDLESS NUMBERS OF IMMIGRANTS both illegal and legal to enter
  3. demand health care
  4. tell people to harass, encircle, intimidate US CITIZENS as Maxine Waters did
  5. demand free education for dogs, cats, lizards, and humans
  6. foresee that Cher would have sex with a 13 year old boy who is now the front man of Red Hot Chili Peppers rock band and that this pompous loud mouth would be filled with so much hate “Believing Kiedis to be asleep, Cher took off all her clothes. From his nearby bed, Anthony watched…. Cher put on a nightgown and got into bed with Anthony. And the two spent the night sleeping side-by-side.” and “Kiedis alleges that she was his first sexual encounter. When he was 13. While she was babysitting him.”

They did:

  1. appeal to the Supreme Justice of the World about splitting from the British Crown reference