Technically AIDS cannot be carried by anything other than the body that is carrying it, nothing else carries or transmits AIDS.

AIDS is a structure. It’s not something that is caught, it just is built and remains as itself like a building does. Buildings don’t catch other buildings and a human that has AIDS is like a building that has a redesign that ignored structural integrity. The building next door does not catch this structural problem.

The unicorn claim though is that a virus that CAN BE CARRIED travels to the building of the body.

They say only dirty hypodermic needles and the massively broad category called bodily fluids which would include sweat causes a transfer of this spooky virus, correction, RETRO VIRUS.


Mosquitoes, the air, and flying spiders can all carry the virus as it’s light enough for them to carry it.

The problem was that anytime the logic kicked into the discussions on HIV/AIDS the sanity went out the window with the itsy bitsy spider.

Fear, hysteria, panic, and media distortions of this one said that and that one said this took over in the 1980’s and the idea that it’s caused by a virus took hold infecting the mind.

Article on spider flight.

Read that and explain to me how something that is 70 billion times smaller than that spider cannot be carried by flying spiders, flying needles, and flying unicorns.

So to be clear, spiders cannot carry AIDS, they can carry viruses and retro viruses, and unicorns can carry fantasies further distances than anyone ever imagined.