Senator Elizabeth Lying Warren went to expensive prestigious universities by claiming she was an American Indian, getting all sorts of free stuff because of it.

Trump sees through her bullshit, constantly calls her Pocahontas. It’s a HOOT.

The idiot liberals focus their attention on falsely claiming that is a racist statement. Sure it is, it’s racist, so what. Calling someone Italian is racist, calling someone a Mexican is racist, calling someone a Confederate is racist, no, that one is not racist.

Instead they should be looking for lies like is their pastime with Trump. They ignore all lies if they come from liberals. They are hypocrites.

Trump is the strongest president the country has ever had, calling out the fakes and liars left and right.

Warren will NEVER EVER EVER take that $1M prize from Trump because she knows she’s a liar. She is not American Indian at all. She claimed that so she could scam the US government into benefits that go to those who are American – Indian.

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