They are recinding the literary award they gave to Laura Ingels Wilder.

They say her concepts from the 1800’s don’t reflect modern inclusiveness in society.

Well then we might as well have a book burning of all the literary works celebrating 4th of July as the entire country at that time celebrated slavery, prejudice, etc. even though the document said “equal”.

These liberal politically INCORRECT nutjobs are ruining what has been awards for great WRITING. The award was not for forging equality, it was for writing.

How stupid are these librarians, I thought they were all smarter than anyone.

I guess I will have to take back that “Librarians are smarter than anyone” award.

Hitler did this tactic, as have all dictatorships.

Don’t want any reminders of other dictatorships around prominently displayed.

read about stupid librarians and next time you see a librarian do what Maxine Waters says to do to people, no don’t she’s a kook