This is who should be banned and shunned by the leather community.

“As an out and proud leatherman, Chasey accepted an invitation to speak at the Millennium March on Washington in 2000. Since then, he has given over 250 presentations, intensives and workshops, and more than a dozen keynotes on the intersection of spirituality and BDSM, at noteworthy conferences and events throughout the U.S. and Canada.”

A widely known educator in leather play, he mummified a UCLA professor in a play session using plastic wrap found in supermarkets and kitchens.

The subject of this perverted SEX/PLAY died.

MY GOD even children are smarter than this. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN.

Where are the calls to ban plastic wrap? No fanfare on this.

Wear all the fucking condoms you want for so called “safe sex” but never ever do this to anyone or let it be done to yourself AS IT CAN CAUSE YOU TO SUFFOCATE even if your nose and mouth are left open. The chest can be compressed too tight to allow proper breathing.

It is way too dangerous.

“Chasey goes by “Master Skip” in his BDSM circles”

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feature image of Skip Chasey as seen on posted under fair use principles in the weight of the public interest and protection, wear protection from being harmed by plastic wrap!

In 2017 he received the Guy Baldwin Slave Heritage Award which should be rescinded otherwise what kind of LBGT society is this?

Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award