Global warming clowns** are quick to use the record high of 117 just north in the suburbs of Los Angeles as justification for continuing to clown around when it comes to end of the world stuff. Los Angeles city did break record of 94 with a whopper day soaring to 108. Very unusual for there as the ocean breezes typically keep it cooler.

Thing is THERE WAS NO BREEZE YESTERDAY ANYWHERE IN SO CAL. The air everywhere was virtually stagnant.

Van Nuys met it’s record, so the heat is not more than ever, at 117. Van Nuys is just north of Los Angeles by 15 miles in a valley that traps heat. Now if we see it hit 117 for a month straight, yes we have a problem.

Palm Springs only got to it’s previous record of 119 and it’s always 20 degrees warmer than Los Angeles. Why wasn’t Palm Springs 137? If global warming was real it would see a record shattering number there. The desert should have hit 133 or more if there was something to the claims that global warming is real. It did not.

The San Fernando Valley (Van Nuys) hit a very rare high but the deserts did what they do every year, hit just below 120 a few times. This is due to global cooling always coming into play. There was cooling from above that is always there in the sky keeping temperatures from going out of control. It’s not that far away either. Drive up a mountain and it’s way cool. All you have to do is go up one or two miles for cool air.

Other desert areas didn’t even come close to records let alone soaring 14 degrees over previous records like what happened in Van Nuys. Los Angeles area was 14 degrees warmer than it should have been as a record, Palm Springs was 14 degrees cooler than it should have been, if we were experiencing “global warming” without global cooling.

I have a theory, the record heat in Los Angeles was caused by too many liberals spouting too much hot air in all their infinite blasts of political fire and fury rants that have engulfed the city and are burning out of control.

What this says is that Los Angeles area had a bubble of pressure keeping the heat in whereas the deserts had less than should have been there if this was actually a widespread overall heating of the planet. If one looks at all the numbers everywhere there are pockets of heat and less.

The earth heats and cools constantly. Being surrounded with a temperature of minus 450 degrees F guarantees considerable amounts of cooling. We are not doomed.

None of these climate scientists ever consider that the orbit of the planet might have been off a bit yesterday either. All we are is a spinning mass of iron ore with a little water sprinkled on it circling the Sun. For that matter was there extra activity on the Sun that would send out more radiant heat than a day or week prior?

Man’s influence is like worrying about a bucket of hot water dropping in the ocean causing the temperature and level to rise. There is a massive force of constant cooling that dominates all warming.

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**climate clowns make whacked out claims like this, “Climate change is a greater threat to the UK than EU directives, terrorism or a foreign power invading”