The application that stored photos on Google server was said to have a bug in it.

That bug was the letter g. Not the letter G, the letter g.

They called this a bug. It was a typographical error. They call this a bug.

How a typo broke Google Photos’ unlimited original quality backup for Google Pixels on custom ROMs

An error in coding using lower case instead of upper case on one letter which can cause a change in how a system works is called a bug.

HIV is said to be always changing it’s genetic code thus making it so difficult to deal with. It’s got many letters being changed from lower case to upper. It’s got a bug that keeps changing and causing the system to work differently each time. That’s basically impossible to correct.

In this fantasy world of unicorn viruses they claim a pill will fix it.

Dealing with coding and understanding bugs one might just change letters from upper case to lower and make wording of deficiency consistent and comparable in creating a solution.

This change HIV/AIDS to hidv/aids and spelling out in full makes it much better for correcting the bug.

It becomes “human immune deficiency virus / acquired immune deficiency syndrome”.

Applying mathematical principles, which are used in coding and computer programming and solving bug in such, the two “immune deficiency”‘s cancel out and we are left with “human virus / acquired syndrome”.

Shortening this it becomes “hv/as”.

Now that computes better though it’s still buggy as there is no such thing as a human virus.

Viruses are not human.


I think We have cracKed the coDe.