Imagine them trying to tell you everything is going to freeze up and stay that way because temperatures go down an average 10 degrees. That the planet’s ecological systems will go haywire, that oceans will lower because more ice will be created in the poles. That wouldn’t sell.

That’s why they use the warming one.

People, the sales pitches all around you are to be avoided. There are so many liars. In USA culture it’s now expected of you. Society has become so full of lies they even got you to believe that good TV consists of throwing a video camera in a washing machine to make it spin all over the fucking place while filming “Modern Family”.

I don’t know how any one can watch that show the camera is all over the fucking place. Michael J Fox got the job?

How they sold us on “a virus” that is kryptonite to Superman and worse to humans is an easy one to figure out. I explain it here.

How they sold global warming is easy, I just explained.

How they sold SHAKEY FUCKING CAMERA WORK is baffling.