Comments on this include of course things like with Trump as president and his more conservative new pick for Spreme Court, the USA will make being homosexual a crime as it was during the Colonial British rule and New America, even saying that the landmark case in Texas where the state tried arrested 2 men for having sex in their own bedroom would be overturned.


The minds of the public have been opened up to see reality, and the group think has been squashed. What I mean is that the old mentality of high school locker room antics where if someone says they are gay, even though half of the guys there at least had experimented with gay sex, where they all pounce because THEY DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO THINK THEY ARE GAY, is gone. Those days are over. Most people have never really cared what other people do sexually as long as they retain the choice to not have it happen to them if they don’t want it.

There is no way sodomy laws will be coming back so any reporting on that is more flake news.

BTW that’s what Trump always says, he says FLAKE news. The L is silent.

Bigger problem is what are we going to do when all these issues get solved!

Choose the most likely:

  1. resolve homelessness
  2. Teslas that fly for everyone
  3. go to Pluto which science deemed a rock instead of planet because most science, especially that of HIV science, determines what they deem as “fact” by a committee vote and not true science that exhaustively makes certain something is absolute, and HIV science is one of the most non-absolute sciences there is yet they, because of political committee votes, keep claiming they know better than fathers of retrovirology
  4. people who are married to the homo genous HIV/AIDS hypothesis will dump it after realizing that they have been conned