They float around touting how we must not hurt anyone with a disability’s feelings then they snatch their straws from them in restaurants.

This is the kind of behavior school bullies exhibit.

Being liberal is an art.

Fuck your straw ban. Fuck your bag ban.

Politicians of course say “Oh we care about you everything will be fine, just leave it to us, we will carve out exceptions, that will take care of everything”.

The disabled say “Fuck you. You always say that crap. Now we have to carry plastic straws with us when we go places, that is if they are still even available anywhere on the planet. Oh the businesses can provide flexible straws for the disabled you say. So now I have to ask for a flexible straw and I have to show my disabled card as for sure I will encounter some stupid barista that will be afraid of losing his job if he doesn’t card me. What bullshit. Oooooooo we have to save the oceans. I see oceans still there. They throw up straws. Big deal. Make my life more miserable so you can feel good about yourself. That’s just great.”

read and learn