Esquire magazine article is talking about CBD and points out how we are often taught wrong in regard to what is now called a healing substance when it was routinely called “a gateway drug” and “dangerous” and “risky”.

“That national conversation we’re starting to have is this revelation that what we’ve been taught is wrong,” says Andrew Aamot, president of Strava Craft Coffee, which brews CBD-rich coffee.

This applies to all HIV sci-fience. Everything we have been told is wrong yet we keep being told those same things.

The entire HIV theory is ridiculously absurdly flawed and wrong.

Never mind that, you all need to do as you are told until it’s found to be wrong.

It’s 1990 and you are told to keep hitting hard and hitting early until it’s found out to be wrong. You are dead now. Only your spirit can now do what you are being told now instead of that was found out to be wrong and killed you, namely AZT which is the HIV drug that was brought back from the dead and used in high doses until they finally figured out that it was not a virus that was killing all these gay guys that were “dropping like flies” it was the poison.

You know that saying is kinda stupid too, I never see flies dropping unless the room is fumigated in which case I would drop too if that chemical, like AZT, was poisoning me.

And instead of publicizing their massive fraudulent claims of how AZT was the best thing to do for people who tested positive and their failures, instead they say things like do as you are told until it’s found to be wrong.

These hucksters killed my friends with HIV treatment poisons.

And there’s not been one ounce of discussion of class action.

For decades they told us to use their drugs instead of marijuana and it’s derivatives like CBD to treat our anxieties and pains.

Now that they are able to buy stock in these marijuana companies, they are starting to sing another tune telling us that everything we have been told about marijuana is wrong, now they tell us it’s OK, it doesn’t drive us mad.

I’m mad. They killed my friends with HIV drugs.

What if everything you were told in the past about HIV drugs was wrong until you were told?