The Papa John’s Pizza man used the HYPERSENSITIVE WORD.

Because he is a Caucasion it’s not ok, not only is it not ok, it’s considered hateful even though it’s context was not hateful in any way.

That is racist.

He commented that Kernel Sanders used it and didn’t get canned.

That is an observation. Observations are not hate.

Stadiums took the Papa John’s name down. Schools took the name and picture of the man off the walls of fame.

Apologies were demanded.

Money donated was kept of course.

As per one commenter, the thing is “those who demand an apology from you will never be satisfied with any apology that you make.”

This is all liberals have these days.

So the Caucasian says “I was once called a “cracker” by a black man who proceeded to tell me to go back to my “white trash trailer!” Why wasn’t his life destroyed?!”

read and learn