News used to have stuff to watch, now all they do is bash Trump.

Every itsy bitsy spider thing they find wrong with him with trade, with North Korea, his tax cuts, everything they bash about him is proven wrong.

Nothing they report anymore is worthwhile. I’m so bored with it I am going to have to go get a job.

They will report that as wrecking the economy when unemployment goes to zero.

Trump is the best president in a long time because for once he doesn’t pussy foot all over everything so all they can do is trash him like high school bullies who are jealous.

I can’t watch any liberal news stations anymore like MSNBC which is horrible with it’s Joy whomever who lied about gay reporting and Rachel Maddow is unbelievably full of crap.

In their scraping the bottom of the cookie jar I bet next headline reads “Blockbuster stores close under Trump Hitler regime proof that the Trump economy is terrible for America” even though there is one Blockbuster store left.