Next time someone asks if you are “HIV positive” or “do you get tested” just tell them that you are homozygous for the CKR5 mutation which keeps you from ever “getting the virus”.

THEY/SAY that it makes you resistant to infection. THEY/ALSO say it doesn’t prevent infection.

That is a contradiction which is typical of HIV sci-fience and it along with many other contradictions is why I dumped HIV in the toilet long ago.

Then get this, THEY/SAY that the effect of heterozygousity on HIV infectiousness is unknown!

In other words they don’t know shit about shit. HIV is shit. It’s cellular debris. Shit from cells.

THEY/WANT you to believe that cells eat shit which is what they call infection, rather than shitting it out.

Then get this, THEY/SAY “when the index partner has more advanced infection, indicated by symptoms of HIV disease….”

What the fuck is that? Indicating something by symptoms of HIV disease which is AIDS that has 26 different diseases listed under that broad category, that’s no way of indicating anything as it could and is simply those other diseases like FLU for one. The number of wild claims made that are without solid evidence yet presented as fact in HIV studies is astounding, thus any and all such claims should be considered on par with sleazy car salesmen ready to sell you a lemonade stand.