Retroviruses do not kill host cells they infect!

An excerpt:

In 1984, while Duesberg was researching cellular and viral oncogenes, he heard Margaret Heckler, who was Secretary of Health and Human Services, announce that his then friend Robert Gallo had discovered that HIV was the cause of the mysterious new plague known as AIDS. Duesberg was instantly suspicious. He knew that HIV is a retrovirus—the subject of his own heralded research—and that retroviruses don’t kill the host cells they infect. If anything, they make them proliferate. That is the opposite of what happens with AIDS, where special immune cells known as CD4 cells are knocked off. The more Duesberg looked for answers, the more he came to believe that the original hypothesis of top AIDS researchers was actually correct: The disease was—at least in the United States—brought on by drug use and other immune-suppressing causes.

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I just love his stance on mutations:

“Genetic mutations, whether inherited or acquired, Duesberg says, are akin to removing one or two workers on an auto assembly line; cars would still be produced with virtually no flaws.”

He believes the cause of cancer is not what most believe, it is because chromosomes fail to divide properly. I would equate this to that auto assembly line example he uses, the workers divide up the parts for assembly improperly thus no one has the right part.

Another statement by Christian Fiala is key:

“There is a history of dissenters being right.”

Semmelweis was one of those types that was even banned from practicing medicine in the 1800’s. Later his theory that the cause of many deaths during that time was by doctors themselves because they were not washing their hands.

Those who study HIV doesn’t even agree on whether various studies proposed are ethical or not. Thus no studies on popper use and no studies showing one group using drugs and another not using them for treatment has ever been done.

That’s not science, that’s politics.

ARV’s are responsible for the homoholocaust, not HIV.