The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) handed out nearly $1 billion in grants last year for child welfare services for detained migrant children, the Associated Press reported Friday.


Meanwhile back at the street ranch, the homeless United States citizens in San Francisco get nothing while the hysterical emotionally deranged liberal retards make keeping ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN with their fake moms and fake dads a priority.

They do this because they watch too much TV and it makes THEM FEEL BETTER.

It doesn’t make them feel better to rally big for the homeless populations.

TV news doesn’t care about the homeless either because it doesn’t get them ratings. Yanking on emotions does.

$1 billion could buy the homeless in San Francisco 1,000 homes costing the average price of $1 million.

Seems to me the Republicans would rather use that money to help them and the Democrats would rather use that money to give lavish housing without cages to the “poor innocent children” who are illegal aliens and are mostly being used by their parents to scam the system.