The M word is milk.

It would not be allowed to describe oat milk or almond milk as oats and almonds do not lactate.

This shows the stupidity of the liberals.

The claim is that it’s deceiving the consumer to call a non lactating thing capable of producing milk. The FDA did something somewhat similar to healthy ketchup, not allowing anything to be called “ketchup” if it didn’t have a certain higher level of sweetener in it because “it was deceiving consumers”. The healthy ketchup had to then be called “imitation ketchup”. In that ruling it made sense though as everyone knows ketchup to be a certain way. Take out all the sugar and you don’t have ketchup anymore you have tomato sauce.

This nut thing is nutty though.

Let’s look at this logically since the Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis) did not use it with this matter nor did FDA.

Milk from a cow or human is a watery substance filled with nutrition.

Milk from a almond is a watery substance filled with nutrition.

The milk is created by adding water to a creamy ground soaked almond.

The process of lactation or no lactation is not the fundamental principle here to be addressed.

So the news today says that the FDA is going to stop the M word from being used.

This is another example of illogical behavior by FDA. It is a political decision making process using bits and pieces that justify deciding certain things, just like what was done with HIV. In this case it’s the cries of the dairy industry that is claiming foul.

I prefer logic be used though.

The almond tree produces seed for nutrition which can be made into milky substance.

The human mama produces nutrition for her seed which is a milky substance.

Bottom line is substance.

Hey I have a new name for almond milk, let me know if your company wants my services.