FDA in it’s wacky politics has decided that putting Vitamin C content in foods on the label is not necessary. They are requiring potassium content which is good.

Vitamin C is water soluable. It is excreted from the body when it’s not needed, not stored. The body needs it constantly.

To remove this from labeling is going back into the stone ages. Now no one will know if something has Vitamin C in it unless the manufacturer chooses to provide such information.

For the FDA to add Vitamin D as required on labels is absurd. That vitamin is fat soluble and is found in a can of tuna, fat cow milk, and salmon readily. It’s also in whole eggs.

reference FDA website

Here is what the FDA presents as the old label on the left and the new label on the right. I had suggested in public comment that the very first item “Nutrition Facts” be dropped down in font size as people know what these labels are and it takes too much real estate. As you can see that idea was not adopted. They rather shout NUTRITION FACTS IN BIG BOLD LETTERS SO THEY GET YOUR ATTENTION EVERY FUCKING TIME YOU SEE THESE LABELS HEY IT’S NUTRITION FACTS HERE HEY NUTRITION FACTS.


They did though take my suggestion to make the serving size more pronounced though I could have done with a smaller calories area. It also was not necessary to make that so huge. The “Amount per serving” could have been right justified so it’s right over the number. That would have been much better. Another irky thing they didn’t do that I suggested is place FAT, CARBOHYDRATE, and PROTEIN grouped near each other on the top nor did they use the alphabet for order. Instead they keep this stupid throw in of cholesterol and sodium in the middle. The way they changed the total carbohydrate area is awful. Why is “total” now added to “sugars”? Now there’s totals all over the place. Should have been “sugars” and “added sugars”. Who did this? Again I can’t believe I can no longer see Vitamin C content! At least they did add amounts to the calcium, iron, etc. areas. I also wanted to see the milligram counts right justified, two columns so you can see quickly the grams and %, you have to this way keep moving your eye in increments, too choppy as depending on the length of the word the amounts in grams move to different positions.

public meeting July 26, 2018 submit comments on this meeting by August 27, 2018