Her house is up for auction minimum bid $1 million.

This should be bought by Palm Springs and placed in a museum on Rosa Parks Road at North Indian Canyon Blvd.

Someone start a GOFUNDIT campaign!

Here is where it would be located:

The thing that struck me about this offering is that she lived with 17 “family” members in a very tiny house. Who does that anymore.

If we did this today we could end homelessness but we don’t. Today we all like our space. We don’t know how to get along in such close quarters like they did back then.

Yet we have as you can see on the map countless EMPTY LOTS where there are no homes. On the right side of the map there is one of many failed housing developments that went KA-PUT in 2008. They are only now just inkling ahead while homelessness is increasing everywhere.

I will be impressed when President Trump gets US Congress to make changes that get housing development started, especially for those who are so terribly priced out. These empty lots should all be filled in. The infrastructure is already there.

Let’s Build America Again.