A customer at a restaurant left a note on a credit receipt instead of leaving a tip, writing on it “we don’t tip terrorist”.

The medias are all over this calling it a racist act.


The restaurant banned the customer from eating there again.

They likely would not have done that if the note came from someone of the same race as the server.

That of course is racist.

The United States is racist. The US flag is colorist, notice the colors it excludes, it should be banned, likely will be if LGBT wackos* get their way as they want all colors included in the rainbow unicorniverse.

Refusing to serve someone because of their race is racist.

Refusing to tip someone because they perceive someone as being a threat is not racism.

read details at 10TV

*please note just because I use the term LGBT wackos does not mean all LBTGF people are perceived by me as such, only some