Oh my fucking movement God, this is hilarious, the female head of Paramount TV Studios was fired for making a RCC* at a conference meeting within the company.

What the F-word is R-word charged?

My G-word.

The article is confusing, it says there was “no word” on what she actually said, but the former head denies it.

This was her post after the fact:

“Had a moment today that REALLY pointed out why we need representation across the board. A black female voice doesn’t matter if the decision makers don’t understand nor even want to understand what you’re saying. Where’s the for race shit out here?,” Oliver posted on June 28.

Hypersensitivity just took down a woman from a high position. Or should we be calling her some neutral term as some idiots demand.

Next time they say that there are not enough women in high paying positions, we know who and what to blame.

If Amy Powell and Roseanne made a baby it would be a hit show.

*Racially Charged Comment