All virus particles travel by air like dust particles do so to illustrate this fact I went to space and snapped this image with my cell phone camera and interestingly enough there were particles of HIV and West Nile Virus that assembled themselves in such a pattern as to be able to see it from space. Dust did this also. They obviously wanted us to know they were there.

In reality though you would think that somewhere in the internet you would find posted images of HIV as it travels from Africa to the United States like West Nile Virus does. Note the fact that East Nile Virus does not exist, mainly because it cannot swim west across the Nile River, but why would I note that?

I had to make my own image reference by adding test that refers to where HIV can be found in the air, HIV which is surely by all logic and odds traveling along with all the dust across the Atlantic in order to give viewers an idea of this concept which is reality, but see if you can find anyone that will admit to this.

Everyone buys the lie that viruses cannot travel by air. What do they explode because of the pressure? I’m sure that’s one of many unscientifically proven explanations used by some of these hucksters in virus science. Note how HIV also made it’s way to the white part of your computer screen.

The original doctored image was found here and interestingly enough doctored by a doctor.

The image is public domain as it originates from publicly funded CGI or maybe some kind of floating cameras that for all we know could also have contracted HIV when some space man jerked off I mean like them must jerk off up there right? And that’s where HIV comes from right? Come to think of it when all us jerk offs jerk off couldn’t HIV get shot into space like a rocket? Hmm. Yes in deed.

Technically the acronym HIV is wrong, it should be HIDV. The ID is Immune Deficiency.

Speaking of technicalities and precisely communicating diseases where on Earth did the acronym HIV/AIDS come from? Hell. It’s the most illogical one ever. It certainly did not come from the mathematical sciences of which is rarely applied precisely to medical science. Everyone knows in mathematics that when you use a / that it’s division. Why are we dividing HIV and AIDS up? Precisely.

That would mean HIDV over AIDS would have the two ID’s cancel out because like one divided by one is one, ID over ID is ID, the H is for Human which is redundant, really it should read IDV over AIDS, the tow ID’s cancel out leaving V over AS or in other words virus causes or is associated with causing Acquired Syndrome which of course makes as much sense as saying you caught the flu which is what you may actually have had that caused a positive HIV test result.