Straw bans, they are on the bandwagon.

Those pushing for them remind me of illegal aliens protesting our laws, DEMANDING we abolish ICE.

This is not COOL.

If politicians and retarded liberal hucksters would read and study the facts instead of getting on their self absorbed pompous selfish I AM SAVING THE WORLD bandwagons we could have some sense in politics.

For example, here is one well thought out well studied opinion:

“Plastic garbage in oceans is a genuine problem. But most of the pollution comes from Asia. A small amount does come from America, but only a tiny fraction of that is plastic straws.” – John Stossel

Facts do not matter though, straw bans are coming to America like drugs across our borders.

Political activism is a disease and an addiction.

I wonder what are Hollywood liberal elites going to use to snort all that coke.

“But what about that scary “500 million” figure that celebrities, politicians and news anchors constantly cite? It turns out that number came from a 10-year-old who, for a school project, telephoned some straw makers.”