WHO needs standards?

We all do, imagine building skyscrapers using materials like screws and beams that have no standards of measure. They wouldn’t stand.

This concept applies to so many things, except for the HIV wacko medi-scifiacle community which has different standards of measure of figuring out if you “have HIV”.

They claim testing is accurate but it is not. There are no absolute standards of measure.

Imagine even doing something more basic like vaping with NO STANDARD for tank screws.

The standard is 510. There are other screw threads of course available but when there is one standard it makes connecting things correctly a breeze. Imagine not having a 510 thread on your tank when you have a 510 thread on your mod.

When you “get tested” for TFV (The Fantasy Virus aka HIV) Canada uses one standard for testing but the United States uses another.


Yes, and Africa uses even a more different way of calculating HIV which is why all the straight population “gets it”.

The European Union does it even differenter and Japan yet more differentious.

So if you are HIV positive in the US you can be HIV negative in Canada positive in Japan negative in the European Union and positive in Africa.

What the hell is that crap.


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