Politics destroyed a number of friendships since Trump got elected, even with those of the same basic partisan beliefs.

The problem is that discussing things has become such a quagmire.

We can thank our unlimited amounts of media connectivism which has given everyone a voice.

It’s become like a company board meeting where no one will shut the fuck up.

Once in a while a voice appears, or two of them, that when listened to make sense of it all. I saw this on Live Leak in the comments of a story about a guy repairing his TRUMP bumper sticker using acetone.

Acetone eats/melts a lot of different plastics so if you are going to do this at bumper make sure it’s only on something disposable, something that you don’t care about risking it.

One might figuratively use it on political discussions that get messy or marred.

Marimba (15.70)

Hey trumpsters – why do you actually love Russia more than your own land? What the heck has fucked up your brains??

elskimo (34.90) Marimba

The simple fact is that you have been brainwashed over the years by the globalists and the main stream media to think that Russia is all that bad. I have met many Russian nationals in my travels and they are decent people like you and I. It is the globalists that wants war with Russia to destabilize the US. It’s been happening for a long long time. They don’t want war, we don’t want war … the Marxists left want war with Russia. Open your eyes a bit. Travel to Russia and speak to the people.