Now they are banning not only plastic straws but if you say “As you know…..plastic straws are banned” you will suffer liberal retard repercussions.

Just how retarded and loony will these people go.

watch the story here

The woman in the interview claims she experiences “self doubt” when that phrase is used.

How about the concept of taking responsibility for YOUR OWN BRAIN as it functions and malfunctions.

It’s not others responsibility to

The woman is so terribly mixed up in the head, says we are supposed to fill students up with confidence.

That’s like removing Simon Cowell from the judging panel.

According to these new Millennial concepts all we are supposed to do it lie and smile and say “Oh you did a wonderful job hon” even though they messed it up.

As you DON’T KNOW honey, language and it’s interpretations are varied. As you DON’T KNOW honey school especially is for learning things that you DON’T KNOW.

From now on I will always talk to liberal retards like this “As you don’t know…..” and see what response I get.


I am sure it won’t be good because they are the most retarded group on the planet.

I can go to the Amazon jungle (not online, the real jungle folks) and speak to a head hunter who would understand this better than Millennial retards.