What a complete joke this politician is and those he’s created.

For example, as you know, the Ocasio-Cortez vortex wants trillion$ and zillion$ to be spent on “clean energy” like that of the wind farms surrounding Palm Springs that are horrendous to look at eyesores that draw energy back FROM THE ENERGY GRID to power the blades when they need to be kept running in times of no wind so that they don’t seize up.


The vortex keeps repeating the Bernie and Obama’s mantra “their fair share” like a religious cult follower that listens to nothing but what comes from their leaders mouths and asses.

She obviously thinks that the money is going to come out of Tesla’s unicorn farting asses that spew out endless supplies of energy. After all the 28 year old has enough experience and knowledge about energy, she watches TV and cable news.

listen and learn