As you know Joy Villa has produced a singing pen, that’s right, a pen that sings the National Anthem of the United States and much better than Roseanne sang it in the 1980’s.

This WILL bring the country together.

As they write they can sing along with Joy.

She was there in Hollywood to support Trump and do a “social experiment” (that used to be called “a setup” or “staging” for a story) where she was there with others as Trump supporters openly saying they liked him. Liberal retards of course showed up, and as Joy and the others stood there alongside his destroyed Walk Of Fame star that some liberal retard chopped out of the sidewalk with a pick axe one of them picked a fight, which became a brawl that had to be stopped by police.

Where are the liberals on banning pick axes?

feature image is a snapshot from the conservative activist’s Twitter page

TMZ was of course there too.

Ah so much time spent on computers and in front of screens.