The artist CLAIMS to have “created a portrait of Princess Diana using diamond dust and HIV tainted blood“. It’s meant to be provocative, bring attention to something that has been brought attention to so much we really need paintings using all the vomit, not blood which is “in short supply”.

All that attention getting is fine, IF HIV EXISTED.

One of the provocations might be to point out that blood from men who have sex with men is not accepted into the blood supply.

As always it’s so nice to shove the GBT blood donation ban holocaust on the straight pompous “our blood is safe yours is dirty” community but as always it misses the bigger point, HIV DOES NOT EXIST and all laws regarding the HI virology holocaust are incorrectly placed.

There is no such thing as one virus that changes/mutates rapidly that causes 28 different disease conditions that all have various causes. There is no such thing as a virus, which is like a particle that came from one speck of sand that was smashed into a billion pieces, that can only travel on dicks and dirty needles and not dirty mosquito needles as well.

If the theology of Human Immune system Viruses was true, you would never get those diseases. Why? The treatments they keep promoting would have killed the unicorn HI virus as they claim it does with PREP AND PEPPER. Thing is, the technical explanation (not the slang called HIV/AIDS) IS THAT people always die of those “opportunistic infections” which are listed in the actual definition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. If the treatments got rid of the cause which they claim, the person would heal if that cause was removed. It’s like the thorn in the paw of the lion. He walks away, doesn’t attack, doesn’t keep limping when it’s removed.

HIV/AIDS theories, treatment, testing is a merry-go-round. They keep the head spinning.

Think about this, a disease had a cause, a disease has a different cause, then 26 other diseases all have other causes than those all different from each other, then some hysterical news reporter quotes doctors who claim they are baffled by a new mystery disease that then quote a government that routinely lies (did you know they have not only spied on those who are on the no fly list they routinely spy on those who are not) that quotes enie menie mine moe let’s pick a scientist that won’t look like a foe and say they found the cause of AIDS. It’s absurd. There is no virus that causes all those things when they already have other causes.

I understand, you can’t think that much about it because your head is spinning. You have to first get off that merry-go-round they have you on.

Stop thinking, it’s like they sold the public on believing that nails cause 28 different types of problems from puncturing holes in tires to puncturing holes in a person and thus to avoid such punctures you take a pill to dissolve nails when they enter the body but in the case of HIV which does not exist it never enters.

The most knowledgeable scientist in the world on electron microscope (world’s most powerful precise microscope) technology says what those scientists claimed they saw in the renowned “image of HIV” IS CELL SHIT.

Shit is a compilation of cell shit. If you can’t poop then you have a problem with “HIV”.

Government sci-fientists like Anthony Fauci who are political dictators that have their slaves shovel HIV/SHIT in everyone’s faces are full of cellular debris.

In 1984 Margaret Heckler was one of those government slaves, she was told to announce to the world that “The probable cause of AIDS is the human immune deficiency virus”. After that no one could see anything else.

People want Confederate monuments taken down.

They don’t seem to be able to recognize the slavery that continues, leaving those slave drivers to remain in power.

What’s worse, there will be statues acknowledging them after they die and none of the Confederates who fought to keep the Masters of the north from enslaving everyone.

If you believe that HIV exists, you are enslaved.

One of the clues like those people started to see of the Germany Holocaust is seen in the GBT blood ban, anyone who has had sex with the same sex is considered too risky, even though they claim testing is accurate? Hello?

Don’t dare question any of this. Really. Just stay as you are. Don’t peek.

Many in Europe did that for years. The US did that as The Holocaust developing.

Today the holocausts are much more sinister, they have you believing that only they can see and understand what is causing gays to “drop like flies” which was a popular term in the 1980’s in the gay community.

It wasn’t the unicorn HI virus that caused that it was the HIV drugs that murdered them.

In the 1990’s we had “Hit hard hit early” which slammed gays to the ground.

They quietly pulled back doses of poison after that so it wasn’t so obvious what killed them.

HIV holocaust memorials should be much more clear as to what the real cause was, it wasn’t diamond dust.