While there are those who tire night and day trying to make equality for all, a noble pursuit, and sometimes making dents in the fabric of society, those same people don’t seem to have a problem with inequal tax rates, clammoring for higher taxes for the “rich”.

They also want equal wages for women.

How about they demand an equal tax rate for everyone.

Oh no, that would be logical thinking.

Where are the women’s movements demanding equal car insurance rates?

They do not exist, because women get cheaper insurance than men whereas one man even claimed he was a woman.

Esurance states on their website as of 7/30/2018 at 11:17ampt, “Gender is one of many factors your insurer takes into account when calculating your premium. But why is it a factor?

Yea why? It goes on to explain that men as a group tend to have more DUI arrests and other factors.

As a group? As in a group of blacks or whites? As in group of women or men?

Talk about inequality, I just did.

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