Liberals are so against walls protecting our country then they go build walls around their houses to protect their own little countries.

Here’s the latest, Kathy Griffin, after her disgusting stunt, where she acted as if she was a headhunter, she’s built a wall between her and her neighbor.

BTW the woman is filthy rich.

I just love how the rich are always the ones telling us how life works.

The neighbor has said things she does not want to hear.

The wall was to form a barrier between her and words.

I hear the wall was heard saying nothing to hear here.

Here here.

I would guess that she also logs on to the internet with a computer that also has a wall and uses credit cards that have paywalls for her protection from illegal activity and is still exposed to words so we could say that walls really do not solve the problem of barrier relationships.

Here neighbor could also send a letter that uses words directly to her house which would get through that wall.


feature image of a brick wall that stops dangerous or undesired words by Pixabay