Did Ocasio-Cortez ever have a successful lemonade stand when she was 13, which would be 10 years ago?

If she did, can she provide proof or even some one vouching for her, that she redistributed all her profits to those who were unable to be a success at making lemonade profits on her block?

I would guess she kept the profits for herself, yet as a part of her political platform, she promotes free stuff for everyone, paid for by those who would share their profits.

She goes around promoting socialism.

She is a Democrat candidate for the mid terms of 2018.

as seen here


feature image of what appears to be raspberry lemonade is by Artem Bali and you can see more of his works here

note we have not yet heard calls for bans of pictures of drinks with plastic straws in them, this should be a no brainer for no brainers