There are those liberals that believe in “climate justice”.


They will do what it takes to protect the climate.

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. It’s like they think they are super heroes, stronger than Mother Nature.

Hmm, in the theme of equality we need to drop that term “Mother” and replace it with something else, how about “Genderless Nature”.

One of them named Claire Lau is co-chair of a group called SF Berniecrats.

They support the socialist nutjob Bernie Sanders. She says she was inspired by the Harvey Milk Club which like all mention of Harvey Milk miss the mark on what really happened.

Bernie Sanders is so full of shit. So are all the climate justicrats.

Ask any one of them how Death Valley got it’s name. Death Valley is one of the hottest places on Earth in the summer. The official hottest recorded temperature was in 1913 at 134 degrees though officials also say that the number is not officially considered accurate. Climate justicrats will say “Death Valley got it’s name because it’s so hot people and animals die out there”.

The actual fact is that between 1849 – 1850 many of the pioneers died there in that winter because it was so harsh and sparse and they were LOST/HIV.


feature image is by Kaique Rocha and you can see hundreds more of her works here

I chose that image as a representation of how the liberals look at climate, fuzzy, not clear, impossible to see what is really going on because they have a DISTORTED/VIEW