What the hell does this word mean “disinformed”.

That is the stupidest word next to LGBTQWERTY.

Disinformed – let’s look at the word “disinfect” which means to stop an infection. Used in a sentence: “The Mexican born housekeeper that works in the United States illegally where liberals applaud such behavior used disinfectant to remove all infections including HIV from the bed sheets. The bed sheets were also brought to the US illegally disimport duties were not paid at the border, the sheets were smuggled in.”

Here is a nother sentence that uses “dis” the way it’s used with informed, just so you are informed: “The alien was disimported from the country.”

The reason I bring this disuse up is that one of those MASSIVELY/HUGE internet companies that books faces uses so much electricity with it’s computers on 24/7/365/infinity which causes climate change claimed that the public was disinformed.

What does that stupid term mean then? The public was informed then the information they received was taken away from them? How can that be done? You can’t take information away from someone when you gave it to them, they are just words, hot air, concepts that the brain processes. Once they receive them they have them. Like disinfectant that cannot take HIV away from bed sheets because HIV does not exist, words cannot be taken away by “disinforming” because they do not exist.

I am so glad I had this opportunity to disinform you on the lies about being disinformed especially about HIV/FAKE.


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Note: alcohol is a disinfectant and disinformant