The human kneeled and the town is all in a tizzy.

Calls for her to resign.

Doesn’t matter if the human built a shelter for the homeless, doesn’t matter if the human weekly visits the elderly in rest homes, doesn’t matter if the human feeds the poor in the church soup kitchen every month, doesn’t matter if the human secured federal funding that no one knew was available for their police department, doesn’t matter if the human found some mistakes in book keeping that saved the city $1 million, RESIGNATE!

The human refused. Those who demanded the human resign were offended. They are patriotic. How dare anyone kneel in front of a flag.

Patriotism and emotionalism rule.

Vote patriotism and emotionalism out, embrace and make love to freedom of speech.

Fix real problems.


feature image of stud kneeling in honor of something he feels needs honor by pixabay