Trump made a statement about needing identification to vote in elections in order to stop those who cannot vote legally but do.

It’s an important issue. So is the epidemic of homelessness that no one ever seems to be able to solve in the United States.

Of course one reason for that, government be it local, or national, causes it along with greed like after the housing bubble burst, real estate investment trusts went in and swept up all the pieces and put them back together again in their portfolios. Now we have no homes for sale as they all have them, the ones that are for sale are often the ones they own that they bought 5-10 years ago at 1/10th what they could sell for now. They don’t care about homeless people.

In the following statement made by Trump he cited how we all need identification to buy groceries and other types of products when we shop.

Fake worthless medias of course pounce on this, to criticize, mock, etc. as everyone knows anyone can buy groceries with out identification.

They ignore the context and what he was trying to say, that when grocery stores or other shopping places NEED TO VERIFY that the person that is buying the products is who they claim to be they REQUIRE IDENTIFICATION yes to buy groceries and other items.

Writing a check for example to buy groceries THEY REQUIRE IDENTIFICATION.

When people use a DEBIT card they need to provide IDENTIFICATION by entering their personal pin number.

Hey you stupid fucks in media stop lying to people and get real jobs.

This is what Trump is talking about. His statement is correct but stupid worthless fake medias just focus on how easily his statement can be understood as if it applied to anything bought in any situation, as if it was meant to refer to buying a stick of gum and a child would be asked for identification. They use that as their report to GET ATTENTION to their stories because that’s how they make money. All they really care about is attention. Fake medias are like whiny spoiled brats.

So once again we have a president that is doing fabulous.

His point was that when we need to make sure someone is who they say they are that identification is required when we shop and that should also be the requirement with voting.

He’s being over simplistic though on that topic as there are people in this country that have no way of proving “who they are” to government because they were born without being identified.

Note the acronym that is always used by lazy people “ID” that should really be referred to as just “I”.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome requires ID every time you get it otherwise it would not be AIDS while Human Immunodeficiency Virus does not require ID as it smashes the two words together using an “o” as glue.


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