As such if any conservative gives you flack about being gay, throw FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in their face and watch them burn up. Some will even start melting like The Wicked Witch of the West.

Conservatives and liberals alike will go on and on about the US Constitution and protecting our freedoms, one of which that is held utmost on high is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. It is core to why the United States exists and is great.

Homosexuality and other sexual expressions are EXPRESSIONS and we are all free to do those. Anyone who would claim that expression is “wrong” or should not be allowed is in error.

It’s not about if you are born with it or any other nonsense defensive positions, it’s that we have a right to freely express ourselves sexually as much as we have a right to express our selves by singing or anything else.

Those who embrace freedom must embrace homosexuality as much as any other expression otherwise they ARE HYPOCRITES, full of shit, and what have you.

Anyone that would be condescending towards homosexuality is shredding The Constitution with their tongues. They are completely contradicting themselves any time they say homosexuality is a sin, or other nonsense. The religious fundamentalists are completely contradicting themselves.

Homosexuality is another expression of sexual expression and The US Constitution lavishes praise on all expressions.

Expression is the very foundation of freedom. If they don’t embrace homosexuality they contradict themselves. They are liars.

When discussing this topic do not let anyone talk you around in circles. They have that way.

This concept is also why exists, to get these messages out that freedom of expression is yours.