Actually it’s West Hollywood, not Hollywood, but hey what the fuck is wrong with these people?

They voted to remove Trump’s star, yet the vote holds no weight, they do not have the authority to remove it.

Yet they did not vote to remove Bill Cosby’s star even though he is a convicted woman molester.

Or vote to remove the star of Kevin Spacy who is a child molester.

It seems that liberals are now the most delusional people I have ever witnessed blaming conservative presidents for everything.

Especially in the gay QWERTY community which has mangled so many things.

West Hollywood is very much responsible for the HIV/HOLO, that is HIV/HOLOCAUST.

They have voted many times to support all sorts of groups that keep perpetuating the lies of viruses that are harmless.

Then there’s Kathy Griffin who is one of many liberals who help with fundraisers for HIV/AIDS/LIES and the failed “Hit hard hit early so that all your HIV infected cells along with 10,000 x more of the healthy cells are blown up like an atomic bomb” and they run around like they are Jesus making delusional proclamations.

Delusion has hit new heights.

Today we also read how Facebook and Youtube have deleted Alex Jones Infowars accounts.

That is a different story as he has violated their guidelines and there is substance to that claim but would they have done this if he was an outspoken kook of a Negroid**?

They claim that Trump violated the walk of fame guidelines because he is prejudice, sexist, and blablabla crap nonsense that they made up in their minds.

One of the most interesting parts of the article is this “West Hollywood has declared itself a sanctuary city and a “safe space” for people of all nationalities and immigration status.”

If you have ever been to that lovely city you will find that as long as you have money to pay for expensive parking tickets, have money to buy food, have money to take an UBER, have money for housing and are NOT a homeless immigrant living on the streets you are accepted there, oh and don’t tell anyone you voted for Trump, they will run you out of town. Other than that they are so accepting.

read story at Breitbart

**Negroid is a group of human beings historically regarded as a biological taxon and is one of three basic groups of humans that encompass the entire planet, the other two are Caucasoid and Mongoloid