They stopped mandatory vaccinations.

Temporarily. I’m sure this is going to get them a tornado’s worth of flack. Still has to pass the lower house parliament.

This needs to become a trend. You see vaccinations are the introduction into the body by injection the very thing you DO NOT WANT in your body.

They introduce the very virus you are fucking trying to avoid in order to stimulate the production of antibodies which get rid of it.

It’s pretty much a scam.

The HIV test only finds antibodies thus when you test positive it’s like you had your human immunodeficiency shot which would make you immune to immune deficiency thus having ample immunity.

Why would anyone have non-ample immunity?

The HIV hucksters tell us that once HIV enters the body it wreaks havoc. That is a lie.

Getting an HIV test that lies to you and believing it’s results and all the lies they tell you is what wreaks havoc.

Italy figured it out. Will anyone else?