Biggest California wildfires in history are a result of a couple of things, one was arson, the other is that liberal retards that control that state are tree huggers. They won’t allow logging so there’s no clearing of any of the old growth.

Granted in nature this system of fires that have ruined forests for millions of years has occurred and is a healthy part of the ecological system (note the word logical after eco) but this is America where we have people and homes to think about. People died in these fires.

Rather than get too in depth on that topic let’s look at the CNN snippet that appeared in Google News on 8/10/2108 at 8:35ampt which is titled “Smoke from the California wildfires is spreading 3,000 miles to New York City”.

It shows a map of the smoke pattern.

HI viruses are in that pattern too. If they are not please explain how they are not. Avoid rediculous arguments like “It’s only TBS (transmitted by sex)” as there is no evidence of that. That’s how it got from California to New York, sex in fires.

Some are going to think I am insane. Fine, please provide a logical explanation why a particle of ash dust that has sex with another particle of ash dust and caught HIV cannot be carried across the nation to other forests where it can have sex with other particles of ash dust coming out of chimneys.


feature image of smoke and HI viruses through the trees is by Pixabay