The foundations of virus studies and wacky claims about how they go about their business as if they were living things parallels with claims that humans make about all sorts of things. One I found worth commenting on is this made by someone in the news.

“Racism and Patriarchy are two oppressive systems the US was colonized on.” – Karen Monahan

Liberals all over the place keep conning the public with this concept of what our foundations is. All you have to do is look at the Constitution, what it says about what we are founded on. It’s not racism and Patriarchy, it says that EQUALITY is what we are founded on. It’s written all over the document left, right, center, upside down.

It does not say we are founded on racism in any shape or form.

So those who make these kinds of claims are full of error.

The US has been the most just and inclusive system of government ever seen on the entire planet as far as looking back at the last 2000 years of history.

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