Pearl Jam is a rock group that has now released a poster that shows a dead Donald Trump, a burning White House, and an alien space ship.

Why do musicians always feel the need to get into politics. It’s like they are meddling with baby poop and throwing it in your face.

And these show business people are always the ones being rude, in your face, nasty, and even downright evil, and then all we hear about is them freaking out about a President “being rude” and such.

The group should be called Two Face.

The one music video and song that I vividly remember of theirs that I felt was a masterpiece is “Jeremy”. Here is an image of one of the final scenes in the classroom with blood spattered classmates he just assassinated. This image belongs to the copyright owner and is for identification and critical commentary on the music video in question.*

Today it can be said that such works show that artistic expression does not SOLVE the world’s problems as we all witnessed 17 classmates murdered by a “Jeremy” in Florida.

At the time of it’s release I recall hearing others (and myself) say that this video will change the world as it speaks of fathers not giving affection to their children and what that is perceived to cause and other issues. It is a brilliant piece of work.

But today I have to question artistic expression and it’s perceived positive influences on society and our current wild obsession with medias as I notice that many artists are merely as they make political statements, in my opinion, changing dirty diapers and flinging it all over the place.

In this case to make the case with art that the White House should be destroyed is absurd.

Then again, who said that is what they are showing? Might we be assuming the wrong thing here?

What if all they are showing in their current poster is like what was presented in the classroom where Jeremy sat. What if it really is showing the “Jeremy” liberals who have suffered in life like him all snapping and taking it out on the White House? Is it showing that liberals are destroying the White House and the President, basically killing him with their unrelenting attacks?

Hmm. Art is so confusing.

Video of “Jeremy” from the 1990’s.


Feature image of Pearl Jam poster which makes me want to spread baby poo all over it and burn their records or does it? called it hate speech.


The writing is on the blackboard.


*This image snapshot from the Pearl Jam video “Jeremy” shows the climactic still of the music video and portrays one of the video’s key points in a way that text cannot and thus is considered by the author of this post as fair use.