Once again we have a city that would rather spend multi millions on redecorating than give the money to the homeless and the end result of course is making it worse on the public in other ways.

The developers all get filthy rich.

They remodeled the transit station in San Francisco. They took out most of the places to sit and lay down.

“People were sitting on the window ledge because there was no place to sit down.”

That fixes homelessness! They can’t bother you inside when they don’t have a place to lay down or sit.

Neither does the public.

Might as well take off the seats on planes, trains, and busses to solve that annoying problem that creates another annoyance.

The transit center did not need to be so thoroughly overhauled.

Take 10% of the money spent on all these projects all over the world could fix homelessness 1,2,3.

Homeless impact fee!

That project alone could have bought 10,000 homes.

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