It was a town of only 7 residents, it started, then it was cancelled.

It was the first pride parade ever granted in Russia.

Making progress!!!

And they use the correct term, gay, not ALBPHREBETQWERTY.

Russia has a law that bans gay propoganda directed at minors. Often gay rags will report Russia as being so anti-gay yet that is incorrect, as a government body they just want to emphasize standard heterosexual behavior at minors then when they are adults they can choose on their own. It’s a lot like how the US was, in all reality most adults could care less what others did and they knew many times which of their family members were gay it just was not proclaimed so loudly if at all.

Such articles get read of course which is the purpose of most of these gay rags.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s I watched gay rags annhilate logic in health matters as they bombastically reported erroneous matters regarding gay health, blaming what can be attributed to drug abuse, alcoholism, and prescription nuclear bombs on a virus while discarding logical analysis by those who are true masters of virology like Dr. Peter Duesberg.

One should really study his work and Russiaphobia.


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