The Verge reported this about Alex Jones being banned for a week on Twitter after many other ANTI-social cultic platforms banned him completely:

A now common criticism of Twitter holds that the viral mechanics through which tweets spread encourage the polarization of the audience into warring tribes. (See this Ezra Klein piece from last week.) That’s one way to explain why malicious users like Jones are able to thrive on social networks: their bombastic speech attracts a wave of initial attention, and platform algorithms help them find a much larger audience than they ever would otherwise. It’s in this sense that “incentives built into the product,” as Dorsey calls them, bear reconsideration. reference link


And ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, The National Enquirer, radio stations, and all other drama queens don’t do the same?


Medias all make me laugh but the bombastic obsession with media these daze makes me sad. All the energy put forth. All the time wasted. All the worthless self absorbshun.

Shun. Tis all the rage.

And yet STILL TO THIS DAY they can hack off private parts, and it’s legal, and still they throw the less-than in the streets then complain all day long on social medias about the problem THEIR society created.

BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA is not action.

Twitter was beheld as a Saint, until it helped get Trump elected.