reports that Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado refused a transgender A CUSTOM CAKE that he says would again, like the gay wedding cake matter, violate his religious beliefs if he was forced to decorate it the way she wanted.

The US Supreme court, after all the hysteria that started in 2012 voted 7-2 in favor of the cake baker because government cannot force someone to violate their religious beliefs.

It is why America has been great for over 200 years despite the stupid liberal NY governor recently claiming America was never great

The hystericals are livid.

So again this LGBTQWERTY human is going to lose their case. The cake baker does not have to be forced to decorate anything in any way he does not want to.

The QWERTY community gets so mixed up on this, if the guy offers a blueberry muffin with sprinkles on it to a straight couple but then refuses to offer that EXACT SAME blueberry muffin to a gay couple, then he has violated the anti-discrimination laws. That is because he is offering the same product up but not offering all patrons that same product. That is unequal treatment.


In the first matter of the gay wedding cake, he offered the gay couple other products that he had at the bakery that were NOT CUSTOM MADE. They refused those. They insisted he be FORCED TO DO THEIR BIDDING.

Had he refused to serve them any of the normal items he carries that are not custom designed he would have lost his case. That would have been discrimination violations.

All the liberal press and all the liberal men couldn’t put it back together again.